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White Papers

Asia’s First LEED-Certified Convention Centre

The city of Incheon is now blessed with Songdo ConvensiA, a world-class convention centre built for operation and use.

Cybertecture Egg

Indian architecture has always inspired the world – be it through its religious temples, monuments or ancient buildings. These marvelous designs are still a benchmark for modern architects.

Dubai Architectures

The hot, desert-like climate and terrain in Dubai is offset rather pleasantly by some of the world’s coolest constructions! It is the unofficial capital of the world of great architecture; be it towering commercial buildings, luxury resorts or multi-storeyed hotels and condominiums, there is no dearth of awe-striking buildings in Dubai.

Electrically Heated Glass

Electrically heated glass is a laminated glass, incorporating almost invisible electrically-conductive wires. It comprises two or more sheets of glass interlaid with one or more films of polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

Energy Efficient Airports

Knowing the importance of the green and energy efficient buildings, blue prints of the budding airports encompasses more eco-friendly and sustainable features.

Fire Resistant Glass

Normal curtain glasses used for various purposes are not resistant to heat, flames, smoke and hot gases. This is a greatest threatening factor for the human life and wealth.

NASA's Green Base

To set as an outstanding example for other agencies, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has planned to work towards reducing its carbon footprints.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk

An adventurous life is, at some point or the other, dreamt of by most people. A dormant desire for thrill and excitement lies within all of us.

Top Ten Green Building Trends for 2010

Leading non-profit Green Building Certification organization in Portland, Earth Advantage Institute has recently announced the top ten green building trends in 2010.

Green Roof for Energy Savings

Green roofs, green buildings and an energy management system have brought the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) closer to its 2015 energy reduction goal.

Green Trends in the Construction of Residential Buildings

As the leading "Solar Energy and Building Design Integration" enterprises of the construction force, Norit conducted in-depth study and exploration of the many technological achievements, and mastered the combination of solar energy and building technology.

The Golden Rules for constructing "Energy Efficient Residential Buildings

An energy-efficient home is a delight to stay in and occupy. A building with energy-efficient features scores high on energy conservation and low on waste production.

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