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Transparence 13.0
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Transparence 13.0
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1. I am a student of civil engineering, but I am interested in architectural designs. Can I participate in the event "Transparence"?

Yes, civil engineering students can also participate.

2. How many members can a team have?

A maximum of three members.

3. Can the team members be from different colleges?

Yes, team members can be from different colleges but if colleges are in a different region, please register as usual and send a mail to

4. Can we add or remove or change a team member after registration?

If the primary member who has registered is same, don’t register again but write a mail to
If the primary member who has registered is changed, register again & write a mail to

5. When is the last date for registration?

The last date for registration is 30th December, 2020.

6. When is the last date for submission?

Last date of submission: 11.55pm 30th December, 2020

7. Where can we view past winning entries

8. When you mention commercial buildings can it include small markets or mandis or temporary shopping arcades?

Teams can plan the functions of the building in response to the selected site and context. The design, function and type of the retail outlet is up to the participants.

9. Instead of one big site, can we use multiple smaller sites which add up to the given site area requirements?

Select a site within an urban context.Site area should be above 2 acres. You may have multiple interventions or typologies within the chosen site, but they must be in the vicinity of each other.

10. In the context of urban spaces, does the current scenario of Covid-19 and the regulations of social distancing have to be taken into account?

With the impact the pandemic has had on our lifestyles, we should consider adaptability during and post-pandemic, and for possible future occurrences.

For queries on the design typologies, you can Sign in to the ACEDGE website, register for the free course on Transparence 15 and access the recording of the Panel Discussion on this topic: This should address most of your design-related queries.

If you have further questions, please refer them to us at